Imagine a future where your phone is your health hub

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Connected health care from the convenience of your home, workplace, or from anywhere there is Internet.


Why Livecare Connect™?

Healthcare Navigator

Send instant messages to your healthcare navigator. He or she can help you find a family doctor, specialist or allied health professional. (Available 9-6pm PST)

Collaborative Health

Store, manage and share your health record in one convenient place. Allow family members and doctors access to valuable health information for better healthcare decisions.

Virtual Visits

It’s a convenient way to see a doctor and reduces the time spent in waiting rooms. Online doctor visits are invaluable for people with mobility issues and for people that drive long distances to get to a clinic.

Staying Organized

Book your next appointment online. Tools like online journals and calendars to help you manage your health.

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How does it work?


kindredPHR patient health record
kindredPHR, Your health record in your hands
Being healthy takes a team. With kindredPHR, your health record is in your hands and you control who's on your team

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Online Doctor Visits

Have private consults in the privacy of your home for counselling, prescription refills, or lab test follow up

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Telehealth Patient iPad
Secure instant messaging
Secure Instant Messaging
Chat securely with doctors, nurses and family members about your health

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