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Better Health Takes A Team.

Kindred for Patients

kindredPHR is a trusted personalized health record used for storing, managing, and sharing your health information
kindredPHR patient health record

Access to Information
Your blood type, medication, vaccinations, past procedures - kept in one convenient place

Efficient Communication
Securely communicate with your health and wellness team

Staying Organized
Book your next appointment online. Tools like online journals and calendars to help you manage your health

Collaborative Health
Allow family members, caregivers and other clinicians access to valuable health information for better healthcare decisions


Getting Started Is Easy

  • Account Creation: Your clinic will provide you with a username and password
  • Login: Login at kindredphr.com
  • Data Sharing: Your clinic may share information from your medical chart like your latest prescriptions, lab reports, and more
  • Book Appointment: Click on Book Appointment to see when your doctor is available next
  • Messaging: Click on Compose Message to communicate with your health care team
  • Invite Others: Click Connections to add family